2022 Immaculate Football Hobby Box
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2022 Immaculate Football Hobby Box

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2022 Panini Immaculate Football Hobby Box

Every Box contains Five Autographs or Memorabilia Cards!

Look for On-Card Autographs of all the top Rookies and Legends the NFL has to offer. Find some of the first On-Card Patch Autographs of Aidan Hutchinson, Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner, Kenny Pickett and many more!

Chase On-Card Autographed Memorabilia cards in: Rookie Patch Autographs, Premium Patch Rookie Autographs, Immaculate Players Collection Autographs, Immaculate Numbers Rookie Patch Autographs and more!

Look for oversized memorabilia cards, which include: Team Logos, Brand Logos, Laundry Tags, NFL Shields, Gloves, Helmets and more!

Returning in 2022 - Look for memorabilia cards such as: Clearly Immaculate Rookie Jerseys, Nameplate Nobility Signatures and the always-unique Gatorade Sideline Towel!

Find On-Card Autographs from current stars and retired legends in: Signature Moves, Immaculate Momentsm HOF Signatures, Comeback Signatures and many more!


BASE: Chase the 100-Card Base set featuring the biggest Stars in the NFL!

- Base - #'d /75
- Base Red - #'d /25
- Base Blue - #'d /10
- Base Gold - #'d /5
- Base Platinum - #'d 1/1

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Look for On-Card Autographs in Rookie Patch Autographs! This set features hard autographs from all of the top Rookies poised to take the NFL by storm! Hunt for the 1/1 NFL Shield Parallel!

- Rookie Patch Autographs - Max #'d /99
- Rookie Patch Autographs Gold - Max #'d /25
- Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum - #'d 1/1
- Rookie Patch Autographs NFL Shield - #'d 1/1

PREMIUM PATCH ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS: Find oversized On-Card Autographs from top Rookies like Kenny Pickett, Aiden Hutchinson, Malik Willis, Treylon Burks and many more in Premium Patch Rookie Autographs!

- Premium Patch Rookie Autographs - Max #'d /99
- Premium Patch Rookie Autographs Gold - Max #'d /25
- Premium Patch Rookie Autographs Platinum - #'d 1/1
- Premium Patch Rookie Autographs NFL Shield - #'d 1/1

IMMACULATE SIGNATURE PATCHES ROOKIE: Look for even more On-Card RPAs with Signature Patches Rookies and find the 1/1 Tag and Platinum Parallels!

- Immaculate Signature Patches Rookie - Max #'d /99
- Immaculate Signature Patches Rookies Gold - Max #'d /25
- Immaculate Signature Patches Rookie Platinum - #'d 1/1
- Immaculate Signature Patches Rookie Platinum Tag - #'d 1/1

IMMACULATE NUMBERS ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Chase Immaculate Numbers RPA's - Featuring the hottest Rookies of the 2022 Draft Class and their debut jersey numbers!

- Immaculate Numbers Rookie Patch Autographs - Max #'d /99

IMMACULATE MILESTONE: NEW in 2022 Immaculate Collection - Hunt for Immaculate Milestone, featuring On-Card Autographs of the NFL's top veterans and legendary players highlighting their career milestones!

- Immaculate Milestone - Max #'d /25

IMMACULATE DUAL NFL SHIELD SIGNATURES: Returning in 2022 Immaculate Collection - Chase the 1/1 Dual NFL Shield Signatures, featuring On-Card Autographs of iconic pairs of NFL stars!

NAMEPLATE NOBILITY SIGNATURES: Look for Nameplate Nobility Signatures which features a jumbo swatch from the player's nameplate with an On-Card autographed acetate overlay!

- Nameplate Nobility Signatures - Max #'d /15
- Nameplate Nobility Signatures NFL Shield - #'d 1/1

IMMACULATE HOF SIGNATURES: Chase On-Card Autographs from NFL Hall of Famers, Max #'d /99!

- Immaculate HOF Signatures - Max #'d /99
- Immaculate HOF Signatures Platinum - #'d 1/1

6 Cards per Box