2023-24 Prizm Draft Choice
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2023-24 Prizm Draft Choice

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2023/24 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Basketball Choice Box (Presell)

Every Box contains One Autograph, Two Silver Prizms, Three Choice Blue Yellow Green, One Prizm Choice Red & One Other Choice Prizm!

The always highly anticipated Prizm Draft Picks Basketball is loaded with autographs, parallels and inserts of the top draft-eligible talent.

Hunt for officially licensed rookies and autographs from top prospects!

Look for the top talent in stunning insert sets including Fireworks and Widescreen. Also look for Brillaince and Prizm Break inserts which are brand new in 2023-24 Prizm Draft Picks!

Find autographs in the insert set Sensational Signatures, College Penmanship, Draft Picks Autographs and Legacy Signatures!

Look for the Choice Exclusive Tiger Stripe and Nebula Parallels in the Base, Base Variation and Rated Prospect sets!


BASE CHOICE: Look for a 100-card base set that included all the top prospects eligible for the upcoming NBA Draft.

BASE VARIATIONS CHOICE TIGER STRIPE: Look for short-printed Tiger Stripe parallels exclusively found in the Choice Box!

BASE CHOICE NEBULA: Hunt for stunning parallels, some printed using unique patterns to make these parallels stand out even more!

DRAFT PICKS AUTOGRAPHS: Chase autographs from the top rising prospects that are sure to make a splash on draft night!

COLLEGE PENMANSHIP: Look for autographs from all the top College stars in College Penmanship!

SENSATIONAL SIGNATURES: Sensational Signatures highlights the best of the best when it comes to future stars!

8 Cards per Box